Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I found out how to get a "tagboard" for my Multiply site! So my point is, go there to tag instead already! Bye! :]

Monday, October 30, 2006


I've decided to use Multiply as my blogging space. So, please don't come here for updates or to tag anymore. Go to www.tamforall.multiply.com instead!
Still deciding if i want to import my blog at blogger over. hmm. since it's a new start i don't think i will!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterday i said goodbye to my faithful Nokia 3100 whiched saw me through 3 long years! And the SonyEricsson k800i has since entered my life. It's in a beautiful metallic brown and i thank my dad for it.
It was the time to have a change of phone and i initially wanted the Motorazr Dolce&Gabbana but when i saw it on display, it didn't look very appealing. Looked a bit obiang actually. The gold wasn't very gold and the only "nice" thing about it was probably the Dolce&Gabbana brand name at the bottom. And the functions weren't exactly one of the best.
So to cut the long story short, i was introduced to the sonyericssonk800i and told of the many functions it has. And i decided, i think i want this phone.
Anw, it's nice.
That also means, im going down to Wheelock to slaughter some Apple people if they tell me i gotta wait any longer for my laptop.......

Monday, October 09, 2006

School starts in 7 days. Mixed feelings about it, cos part of me is quite looking forward to the end of my occasional boredom, and another part of me doens't want to face it. hahaha. I miss my laptop. They still haven't called me to collect it. More than 3 weeks already ok! I'll be going to stay at my aunt's new house. Heard it's very nice and state of the art.
Oh.. There's almost no more haze!! A few days ago we were practically walking, living and breathing in smoke la. Think our lungs might be a bit black now. Haha. Anw i was quite surprised cos i never seen Singapore so hazy before.
Just finished watching this korean movie called A Millionaire's First Love.. It has such a SAD story but it's totally beautiful...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back from China last week. Back to sunny Singapore, where it's always hot, but has FRESHER air.
Next semester starting soon. My timetable for this sem is.. Quite different. But guess what, my earliest class is at 9. So no more 8am classes! Yess. Buut, i also end rather late. I end at 6pm for 3 days! But 2/3 of the days i end at 6, i only start at 3. Actually i prefer ending late than starting early cos i don't like waking up too early in the morn! I just can't la. Haha.
Have been watching America's Next Top Model (ANTM) allll the way to Cycle7, which is currently showing in the US. I like ANTM! Some of them aren't exactly drop dead gorgeous, but their character shines through and they actually are able to model better than those who look better. And there are some with personalities that make you feel like punching them. So it's quite fun to watch.Ha!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flying off real soon!
Won't be updating for a week so, yes i'm still alive somewhere!
Finally sent my ibook for repair. A pic Na, Adrian and I took at the AppleOrchard centre.
i loooove the stupid camera functions they have.
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Yes, i realise it's 3.35am and i'm still awake.. why? SHHHH. Secret.

Have fun back here in sunny Singapore! I'll get gifts!

Monday, September 18, 2006

On Friday Bro Jeremy came to visit our cell. He took a pic with us! And there you have it, w302.

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All the best to the people taking exams! From left: Weijun(A lvls), YuHao(O lvls), Alice(O lvls) and Changyan(N levels)

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On Saturday i cut my hair. Wanted something different this time and the hairstylist suggested a slanting syle. Meaning my hair slants from the left down to the right, making my right longer than the left. She also said to come back for highlights for the right side, to make the style more defined. The place i went was called Hollywood Secrets and is situated at the 3rd level of Far East Plaza. Quite cool. They actually provide a lot of other services such as Eye lash perming, make-overs, manicures and many other stuff.

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On Sunday, met up with other cg members after nursery. Took care of Dazzle. Haha, carrying her can help give me MUSCLES! Ha!

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On the train to PS. Alice is trying to force kiss me. Haha.

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Na, Me and Alice.

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After lunch, the rest of the cg went to Selegie for dou hua while na and i joined the exam peeps, WHO, decided to go to the arcade. And i thought i wasn't interested in stuff like arcade, considering the fact that i havent played in one for years and years and years. And yesterday i went to try the toy thing. But the clippers just kept slipping off the toy :( Then i car raced, shot people, and played a fun racing game on something called a Mario Kart. TSK. Arcade is money wasting.

Finally we made a move and headed down to National Library. Sat outside Hans and yea the students did their work.
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Did two HIDEOUS drawings by taking turns to add an ugly feature. Haha. Pics on Yuhao's blog.

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Alice working hard. See her hair blowing? The weather was great man.

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Changyan and Yuhao working hard.
Na and I helped Alice a little with Math and i realise that indeed there are some stuff which i have forgotten. I could almost feel the Maths gears in my brain grinding can. Brings me back to last year's O's. If you can believe it, i worked the hardest for Math, all thanks to my aunt who has been tutoring me forever. In my mind, and heart, i think she's the best tutor anyone can ever ask for. Haha. Because i did so much maths, i actually started LIKING it. i started to LIKE doing maths. and i practised a lot, a lot. So when i got back my O's results and saw that i'd only gotten a b3, i was reaaaally upset i cried, because it was the subject i worked the hardest for and expected something better! A subject that i USED TO TRULY DETEST but grew to well, somehow like it! But nvm! I guess I just don't have much of the Math genes. Which is ok because God gave me other talents yea!

What a great sidetrack. ANW,

I then went to Cityhall to meet Benedict, Jessel and Karen for dinner. Ate at Carls Jr for the first time! Weeell. The diarrhoea looking like fries were nice, but the burgers.. Too big, thick.. Whatever.. I shared a meal with Karen but didnt even finish it! Haha.
Oh ya, happy birthday Benedict! "nice"(for you) dreams you have.. haha..

OKAAAY. Gotta go have lunch. And then will start packing for trip. I like packing. Keeps you occupied, with something to plan and think for. Pls, let the weather there be COLDER! Anybody wants anything?? :)

Oh i forgot to mention about work on Fri. Well, was quite an experience! What we did was actually recieve the PSLE OAS from the various schools, double check that all's there, load them into trolleys and then the guys would transport them into the containers to store. Then we arranged papers, cut open envelopes and sorted the papers inside. Was quite labourous to a certain extent, but quite fun and $5.60 per hour's not too bad at all :)